With over 40 years of experience in the Rental and Management of Property, we offer highly qualified services to our Landlords.  From Residential to Commercial properties, our team of rental agents are proficient in Market Conditions, Rental Leases, Renewals, Addendums and Rent Control.
– Advising on current market values
– Marketing exposure on social media.
– Coordinating viewings of the property to prospective tenants and co-broking agents
– Screening of all applicants.
– Negotiating and presenting offers to Landlord.
– Preparing and executing a Lease Agreement
– Obtaining Security Deposit and the Tenant portion of Stamp Duty
Finder Fee Service secures a tenancy but does not include ongoing maintenance responsibility. 
– Lease of 6 months or more – Fee is one month rent amount
– Lease of less than 6 months – Fee is 15% of the total rental amount of the lease
– Fees are payable at the inception of the lease. 
Management Service secures a tenancy and provides for ongoing maintenance responsibility.
– 10% of the monthly rent amount
– 50% of the first monthly rent amount PLUS 7.5% of the monthly rent amount thereafter
– Fees are payable monthly
Agent responsibilities:
– Collect rents on behalf of Landlord
– Act as first point of contact regarding any maintenance issues
– Arrange and supervise maintenance and repair works of a routine matter 
– Make payment of routine property related maintenance charges
The Stamp Duty fee for a Lease is shared equally between the Landlord and Tenant. Rental Stamp Duty is 1% of the entire rental income for the first three years plus 0.5% of rental income over three years.  See estimator for more help. 


Searching for your new rental home can be a time-consuming and difficult task especially for those just new to the island.  Let our agents do the work for you and find you the home you are looking for.

As well as our own inventory of Rental Listings, we have full access to the entire market of available rentals and can arrange viewings for any property you may have an interest in.

Complete our Tenant Application which will assist us in knowing your requirements and the type of property you are seeking.

– Once you have found the property of your choice, we will draw up the Rental Lease Agreement for you and the Landlord to review and sign.
– Upon the signing of the Rental Lease Agreement, you will be required to submit a Deposit which will hold the property for you until the Commencement Date of the Lease, after which time the Deposit will remain withheld as a Damage Deposit until the termination of the Lease Term.
– The Deposit amount is a one-month rent amount (or in the instance of properties under Rent Control 50% of one-month rent amount)
– The Deposit may not be used as a final month’s rent payment but is held until a Vacating Inspection of the property has occurred and any damages or costs have been determined.
– The Stamp Duty fee for a Lease is shared equally between the Landlord and Tenant


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