Buying a property can be one of the largest investments in one’s lifetime; building equity and for many of us, securing a home for family.  Our team not only understands the importance of finding the right property for your needs, we also possess the experience and qualifications to assist you from beginning to successful closing of your property purchase.


The Bermuda Government has established policies relating to property purchases in order to safeguard our limited land mass.

This is accomplished by utilizing the Annual Rental Value (A.R.V.) of a property in defining the types of properties available to buyers based on their citizenship and Bermuda Immigration Status. Each property A.R.V. may be viewed on www.landvaluation.bm

– Any Property (regardless of A.R.V. designation)

– Any Property (regardless of A.R.V. designation other than property which has been developed as part of a Government funded scheme)
– Not able to purchase vacant lots of land

– Homes with A.R.V. of $126,000 and over
– Condominiums with A.R.V. of $25,800 and over
–  Not able to purchase vacant lots of land (except specific tourism development)
– Ownership of commercial property is limited to a 40% share, as is investment in local business. The exception to this is ownership of major hotel properties.
– For additional information contact our agents.


Typically, Buyers and Sellers split the Stamp Duty Fee and Conveyance Fees associated with a Property Transaction.

STAMP DUTY FEES are based on the Purchase Price of the Property and can be calculated from the rates listed.

CONVEYANCE is the legal process of Property Transactions.  This process includes producing a Certificate of Title, Land Title Registration and many other legal requirements. 

A Purchaser usually chooses the attorney to conduct the property transaction, however the Buyer and the Seller are separately responsible for costs involving personal advice and negotiation by their respective attorney.  Basic costs of Certificate of Title may be calculated from the rates listed.

It is recommended that you meet with your attorney to confirm all other costs involved.

Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty BandRate
First $100,0002%
Next $400,0003%
Next $500,0004%
Next $500,0006%
Over $1,500,0007%

Certificate of Title

Conveyance BandRate
First $250,0001.25%
Next $250,0001%
Next $500,0000.75%
Next $1,000,0000.50%
Over $2,000,0000.25%


As you begin your search for your dream home or property investment, you need to establish the price level your search should be based on.

Our handy estimators will help guide you as you begin your property search.

It is never too soon to meet with your banking institution to discuss your options and the financing package they can offer you. Knowing the price range of your purchase will be helpful to you as you view and consider specific properties

Also, check out the informative links to local banks’ mortgage pages.


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